The Khwai community concession deserves special mention due to its proximity to the Moremi Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta, and the fact that it operates under different beneficial rules to most other regions. That’s the right place to do bush walks and have a chance to see the local. “Cultural tour”.

This area is deemed to be a private concession and is of outstanding beauty, delivering the same reputation as the above two mentioned, in that the diversity of game and vegetation is shared. Much smaller in size, its real benefit is accessibility. The main border is along the Khwai River, the others being Moremi Game Reserve to the West, the entrance to the Savuti area to the north and a little used area of the Chobe National Park. This concession is run by the members of the Khwai Village community and extends from their village to Mababe village to the east.

As ever, there are no fences around the neighbouring National Parks and the game is free to roam in and out as it wishes. Khwai is an area of outstanding beauty and due to the arid conditions to the north towards Savuti, the game will flock to the Khwai River, especially in the drier winter months.